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I'm waiting for the Sundowning article to load (dial-up strikes again) but while I'm waiting I absolutely agree with Melbrod--the very first thing I would do would have a very complete vet exam of your nighttime terrorist to make sure something isn't going awry with him physically.

Since I don't allow dogs on the bed (learned with my very first that Dobes are bed hogs and have very boney elbows and knees and are fully capable of taking up so much bed there is no room for me. Since the cats can do that all by themselves I made up my mind years ago that beds were no dog zones. The dogs have big cushy Costco beds in the bedroom and in any room in the house but there is one of those big beds for each dog in the bedroom.

I keep only males so I'm very alert for possible unfortunate interactions between mine. But I've had lots of experience with multiple males and have some fairly unique situations which have allowed me to pick and choose if I keep a puppy that I've been raising (over the years I've grown puppies out for breeders who have two choice males in a litter but want them to be older than the 10 or 12 weeks that most puppies go to a their new home so that they KNOW they have kept the better of the two.) I'm perfectly willing to take a second choice male as my next show prospect when a couple of boys are that close in quality. By six months I also KNOW if a puppy is going to be able to fit into my present group of males.

The dogs mostly don't sleep together on one bed--even thought the big round Costco beds will accommodate three big males--it just doesn't work out that way around here. A couple of times I've had a pair of dogs who do share a bed (and it's always been the oldest dog and the youngest dog). I've also had dogs who are adamant from the beginning they aren't sharing a bed with any other dog. And there was was one who slept with a cat--ifit was very cold the cat slept on the dog--but that only once.

So I haven't run into a problem with a dog suddenly being aggressive about sharing a bed that he's shared without problems for a lengthy period of time with one other dog.

But I had one male--as he got older who became increasingly grouchy about being awakened suddenly and I've known people who had dogs (and this wasn't confined to Dobes) who after sleeping on the same bed (dog or people) or couch or chair, often for years, would suddenly decide that it was no longer OK.

The solutions in pretty much all these cases was to crate the dog who wasn't tolerating other dogs but only at night. Or set up a small ex-pen with a comfortable dog bed in it and confine the dog to that.

Looks like the Sundowning article finally loaded--let me go and look at it.

I like the information given about Sundowner syndrome--and they recommend pretty much what I did--my own dog and most of the dogs owned by friends didn't show any of the extreme behaviors--pacing, panting, anxiety--they just didn't want to be bothered when they were sleeping. Dogs, like everyone else age at different rates--so the fact that it's one of the 8 year olds that is being snotty isn't particularly surprising.

I've noticed that in the last year my now 12+ year old sometimes barks in his sleep--this scares the pants off of my cats when it happens if they happen to be walking past him--I noticed also that they'd modified their behavior so they don't walk close to him if he's asleep. He's never barked at them in the past and doesn't now--he just barks when he's asleep occasionally.

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