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Male-male aggression is very common in dobermans, and it can start suddenly between two dogs who have always gotten along...but you say your guys are not aggressive AT ALL during the day? No dirty glares, lip lifting, pushing around of the other dog; no arguing over sleeping places, toys, food; no "fun and games" which turn into arguments between the two of them; no complaints or aggressive behavior toward the other dog, toward you or in general (during the day) if you pay attention to the other and not him??

Take an extra hard look at the relations between your two dogs. Are you missing signs that they are really not comfortable with each other during the day? Aggressive or irritated behavior toward the other may not happen every time they are together.

You only seem to mention 2 dogs...where is the third when these behaviors occur? Are any of your dogs new to you, or has there been some other change to your family structure?

Or do you notice any strange noises, disruptions outside or inside the house (construction, neighbor noisemaking,dog barking, appliance noises, heater going on and off--that sort of thing) which makes him come to alert at night in particular? Because you say this is new, can you think of anything of that may have happened recently that would make him more sensitive to unusual things going on at night?

How does he act when you startle him out of sleep during the day?

But when I read your story, the first thing I think of is that your troublesome guy may be experiencing pain of some sort....something which hurts when he is jostled--arthritis of some sort, for example. Or perhaps his hearing is getting worse, making him startle when he suddenly becomes aware of something he hadn't known was there (which might happen more at night).

Anyway, I would start with a trip to the vet to check for hidden pains, and other physical problems, and also give him a thyroid check (blood test) to make sure that this change in behavior doesn't have a physical cause.

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