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Originally Posted by Beaumont67 View Post
I own a former kennel-commercial property, which I shut down...and restored the brick house.
- but one day I was visited by a protection dog trainer (30 years experience) ...and we talked

He said the Ontario Govn, won't let the IPO/Schutzhund Training facilities, operate here any longer.
- nothing I've ever checked out / sad if true

Maybe find the best OB trainer first, for Kai / and go from there.

Not every doberman, but many will protect loving family members...naturally.
- could always find out, who trains local police dogs (?)


Characteristics of IPO Dogs

First: there is no such thing as a perfect IPO dog! Every dog will have strengths, weaknesses, and a unique mix of character traits that make up its genetic temperament. However, there are general characteristics that are considered ideal in a Schutzhund dog. Regardless of breed, the Schutzhund/IPO dog should have:

- a stable character
- high trainability
- a desire to work with and for the handler (biddability)
- drive and desire for the work (work ethic)
- some level of natural aggression and protective instinct

Additionally, they should be relatively easy to motivate, with an interest in food (food drive), interest in playing with and chasing toys and ball (prey drive), and a natural desire to bite their "prey" with a full, strong grip. The best dogs also have a strong "fighting" instinct that is directed at their adversary; they enjoy the fight, just like a pugilist enjoys a boxing match. Most importantly, however, the IPO dog should show a courageous and resilient character, with an ability to cope with and think clearly under stress.
That's weird, I still see certain trainers doing IPO/Schutzhund as well as listing it on their websites.

I think ill have to go that route. I found what seems like a good trainer, listed in the original post.
I might go with him for obedience while working on some things on the side with my dog. Like the prey drive. Maybe even start bite work on toys. Just to get him excited for it.

I previously had a trainer for puppy obedience and I dont think he got much out of that class, and the price was 350+ taxes for 6-8 classes.

As for the obedience training, Eric Bernstein is asking for 650 taxes included.
Its personal classes 1 on 1 and he seems to have a good rep from other people who've gotten their dogs trained by him.

Originally Posted by MaryAndDobes View Post
I think that's BS.

OP, you could check this out
I've seen that name around from my research. I don't like that they're pretty far out from the city. As well as not too much information on them.
I have found some other trainers that focus on that, but they are private. More for personal protection. Im guessing they'll be much more expensive.
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