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Originally Posted by SimpleDobe View Post
Okay after reading more of your posts over again, I am beginning to see what you guys are trying to say.

If my breeder is unable to help I will be reaching out to the rescues.

For some reason I had this notion that it wasn't the best option and that I should find someone myself but I am now seeing that I am probably quite mistaken.

Also, I am not sure I am able to send PMs on this site, I've tried sending some to the people who had expressed interest letting them know I am still here and have updated this thread.
Reputable breed specific rescue groups are the way to go, emergency or not!

Kudos to Kansas City Doberman Rescue and the rescue group in Bixby, Ok! (shout out there)

I felt violated after they did a home visit on me to check my fences and house and who is going to be home to tend this dog. Where is the kennel and food going to be? I really felt like I wasn't going to pass as a foster mom. But, I passed!

I haven't found any disreputable Dobe rescue groups yet!

Chin up, SimpleDobe.

Hope things start to prosper for you.
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