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I think you'll find that once you get the hang of it, it'll go well for you. For a first attempt, that looks really nice.

As far as posts coming out and the ears being a bit lower than you might want (should be a little closer to 10 and 2 o'clock positions \_/ than they are in the first pic), just keep at it.

You do not ever want to tape them so that they are slanting inward /\ If they do that when you are finished, it really would be better to take them down and try again.

1. Twist the post into his ear as far as you can. Hang on.
2. Lightly stretch his ear straight up and tape it to the post before you let go of the whole assembly.

That stretched and taped ear should help keep the post in.

The fold you mention where his ear meets the top of his head is supposed to be NOT wrap it around the post and tape it flat. Let it fold naturally and tape it in that folded position.

If you want to trim the top of the posts a little shorter once he is posted, feel for that ear tip through the tape. Put the ball of your thumb on the tip so that your fingernail extends past the ear tip, and then cut the post above where your fingernail ends. Be careful!

Or let it be for this first try....measure the post when you remove it and use that as a guide for the next time you cut a post to length. Less nerve wracking that way.

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