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Ok, so..

I'm not sure if I did an okay job or not...

His ears didn't really stick to the Zonas tape very well. I tried to pull them up as much as I could. I didn't tape tightly. Everything is very loose. He's pretty not so happy with me right now, as you can probably tell from the pictures! I gave him bunches of treats afterwards though.

My concerns:
1. Are his ears at the right angle?
2. On the first image, if can see that his ear is kind of folded back. The brown part that you see at the front are his ear flaps kinda folded back because that's the way they were taped. I pressed the Zonas tape onto the post first, then loosely wrapped backwards and squished. His ear followed the tape. Does that need to be fixed? (hope that made sense)
3. He's reeeeally trying to get them out! Right now, he's laying in his kennel (grumpily) and leaving hem alone after I gave him a stern "leave it!" when he was scratching at them. If they come out, I start from scratch and repost, right? Can I use the same post, or do I need to make another one?
4. I'm not sure if I "stretched" his ears up enough. I expected them to stick to the tape that was on the post a little better, but they didn't at all.

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