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Puppy Exercise

Good morning DT!

My almost 16 week old puppy has not received all of his puppy shots yet. I believe he still has one more round of Parvo boosters before he's complete, but he has had his rabies shot. Because the vets have told me that parvo has been running rampant in our town, I haven't risked taking him on walks around the neighborhood and most of his exercise comes from running around in the yard with me when I'm home from work and socialization with his weekly puppy class.

To keep him from getting bored, I wanted to try something different. What do y'all think of this obstacle course for the backyard? (See attached picture please!) I know that I've read that puppies aren't supposed to jump, so I'll forgo the "high jump" (which, after reading the description, isn't really all that high and can be adjusted to a lower height) but wanted to know if trying out the run through tube and those weaving poles would be a good idea? It comes with an instructional book, and I was planning on ordering a beginner's agility book as well, just to learn the basics of how to get him to go through the obstacles without being frightened.

Good idea? Bad idea? I want to keep him active and thinking! And the weather is finally starting to warm up a bit here in Texas! (for now anyway..things never tend to last long!)

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