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Don't use Nexcare--it's a self amalgamating tape similar to Vet Wrap.. You can usually find Johnson and Johnson Coach tape (I think it's labeled J & J Sports Tape these days at almost all Walmarts as far as I know.

Ignore that information about where to add a bumper to deal with a "pocket"--I think that got posted by someone who didn't know where the bell was in a cropped ear and was putting the bumper in totally the wrong place. The "bell" of a cropped ear is the area of heavy cartilage at the back of the ear--pockets never form there. They form at the forward area of the ear--just aft of the little fold of skin and where the ear attaches to the topskull.

I don't put in bumpers unless a pocket has already formed--and you can tell if you have one because the ear(s) tend to tip in over the top of the skull. Then I use a bumper but if you tape the ears so they tip out at 10 and 2 you may never need to get rid of pockets because they usually don't form.

Good luck--posting ears is one of those things that really does get easier the more you do it.
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