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I agree with you, 4x4bike ped. I didn't think having them down for 2 days was good. Also, when his ears are down, they both pull in toward each other, so I do agree that posting them more apart might help with that. (right?)

I was also thinking of trying to post myself from now on instead of taking him back to the vet. I'm both excited and nervous! I'm going to get a table for him to stand on, as people here have said that that may help with keeping him still. Also, a grooming arm to clamp onto the table to keep his head up. He's getting big fast! We weighed him today and he's 27 pounds and just turned 13 weeks. We're heading to Lowe's tomorrow to get supplies. We'll probably attempt posting for the first time on Wednesday! *deep breath!*

As for the cone, it's off! People already told us that it wasn't good for him, but he kept pulling at his stitches so it was put on him till they were out, and they put it back on him today when they wrapped his ears. It's been off all day. Just forgot to take it off before taking his picture

Thank you so much!
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