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Originally Posted by 4x4bike ped View Post
Your a genius!

So, in the ever constant attempt to expand my pal Denny's vocabulary,

For Denises perusal:

a member of any of the bands of English workers who destroyed machinery, especially in cotton and woolen mills, that they believed was threatening their jobs (181116).
a person opposed to increased industrialization or new technology: a small-minded Luddite resisting progress.

(The second definition) ^^^^


Oh... Jean is "John" in French and Le is "The".

Hang around with me for a while Denny and you might be a PHD candidate!
I am not confident if I should hit a like or thank button.

I feel like I am being lured into a trap. I shall give you my response regarding this matter, maybe, tomorrow.

HR! Somebody? Anybody?


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