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I would NOT carry a gun around to stop a dog fight - you could end up shooting your own dog, and truthfully do you want to shoot someones dog?! I would however carry some mace and a big stick/bat. You could also get an air horn and blare it at the dog when it comes over to the fence. I would stay out with your dogs and leash walk till you get some sort of fix.

I know it's not your home, but if you could put up a temporary 2nd fence line on that side that would separate the dogs by a few feet, that might help. Then try to create a visual break with some zip ties and black plastic or tarps along the fence. You could even try the visual break along the existing fence. A temporary fence could be made with some metal poles and rolled garden fencing. You could roll it back up and take it with you.

The whole thing is a pain - but I think it can be solved without gun fire. My dogs fence fight with one of the dogs next door. They are new within the past year and we have been here for going on 14 years. I've talked with the owners so there is no animosity between us. I don't think either of our dogs really want to fight - it has become like a game to them. After they are done barking at the fence, they try to pee on each other. So I'm fortunate that it does not appear to be serious between them. Just a lot of freaking noise!

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