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Posts definitely up ALL of the time....take them down for a 15 minutes or so to let them dry out, and then put them back up in posts again.

You may not be able to stretch the time between changing the posts for 5 days...I generally change posts every 3 or 4 days. You should definitely change them right away if her ears/posts get wet, if they smell bad or seem irritated, if the posts fall out of her ears at the bottom, or if she is shaking her head a lot more than usual.

As time goes on, I think you should probably learn to post them yourself. That way you can catch those little emergencies right away instead of having to wait to see the vet (and driving long distances to get there) and you can also do fine tuning to her post job as needed rather than waiting until the next appt. Itís not that hard to do, once you get over the all thumbs fumble fingers part of it. And if you give her a little ear massage when they are down, and a bit of extra loving, it will turn into a good bonding experience between the two of you.

Just have all of your supplies prepared, precut and within easy reach before you start and youíll get faster at it--soon, youíll be able to post in your sleep.
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