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Alrighty, we'll take away for Kong Bowl. We already purchased the non-tip bowl so she doesn't throw her food over. As of Friday, she only has 15-20min to eat. I don't want her to eat too fast since she tends to regurgitate her food when she does. Then she eats it back up--not cute at all. The vet saw her on Friday for her second set of vaccines and dewormers. Vet said she was a good weight, and she also recommended the 15min-only meal time. I think adding cottage cheese would be a nice touch, so I'll buy some later this week to add to her breakfast. I've been trying to use her kibble as training snacks as well!

Her ears have been posted since Friday and they seem to be holding up well. The the Grand Park vet tried to post without using the Torbot glue, but the second she got put down to the ground, the post flew out of her ear (thank goodness it happened there). They used the paper towel method--roll up some paper towels and wrap the roll in medical tape. I think I might be able to do the backer-rod method on my own from YouTube videos and sites like Prima Doberman's website. But I'll most likely use that method as an emergency posting for days that I can't drive over an hour to Katy to have her posts be put up. Also, should her posts be on all the time or can I do it in intervals--as in 5 days with posts and 2 days without them (so they can breath)?
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