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That is true. We don't know her poop schedule anymore. Back then, we knew when she did and didn't have to go. Now that we leave her meals out sometimes for "grazing" she poops at odd ball hours. We'll take her out to pee and get all surprised when she poops, too. We live at the University. We have quick breaks from class (mainly Tuesdays and Thursdays) that we haul butt back to the campus' apartments, take her to use the restroom and then go back class. Mondays and Wednesdays are better because her mom stays with her until 11am and then I'll go around 2pm or 3pm to take her out. It's the best we can do, right now. She does not eat out of the toy quickly. She hits it, makes the pieces fly everywhere and if they fall a good distance from each other, she will eat them But if the food that she hits out of her toy bowl lands on the floor too close to one another, she WILL NOT eat it. She rather hit the bowl again to make the kibble pieces fly further distances and she will ignore the group of kibble on the floor that is "too close" to one another. This girl is crazy!
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