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Originally Posted by dobebug View Post
Well, I've listened to a lot of breeders say a lot of things that weren't necessarily "true" and at least half the time it was because the breeder just plain wasn't all that knowledgable.

"This breeder is what I would call VERY knowledgeable. She's a AKC confirmation judge for Dobermans."

I've said before that every puppy (of any breed) was always intended be shown in conformation. And before I ever got my first Doberman I had a friend who had show dogs--and it was practically the first thing she said about getting a male--"Be sure they have both testicles and that they are fully descended..." It was years down the line before I ever heard a Dobe breeder say that they "could" drop as late as six months.

"Wish someone would have told me all that. Maybe Cryptorchidism is more common in Dobes than most of us think. "

And just once I got a puppy who came to me sight unseen (but I knew the breeder and parents and grandparents on both sides of the pedigree)--the breeder told me when he shipped the dog that he had both testicles (at 7-1/2 weeks) but that one was still yo-yoing.

It continued to do so--mostly down but occasionally up and at 5 months we (the breeder and I discussed this and decided I would send that puppy back and take a litter mate that the breeder had kept as a show prospect as well).

We did that and the breeder called me almost two months later to tell me that the original puppy (which he'd sold as a monorchid pet to a orchard farmer in Yakima) had (a week before he was scheduled to be neutered) dropped the second testicle and it seemed to be permanently down. Figures--he was definitely the better puppy of the two.

So, while it can happen--it's not terribly common.

"We're not giving up hope. The vet saying what she did a couple days ago discouraged us some."
Thanks for your help
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