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Originally Posted by StrykersPerson View Post
You are not done here!

What is going on in the fields these days?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Well SP - We spent this whole week finishing drying corn - then clean up ! That my friend is a BIG job- Like clean up around the dump pit ( Where we unload the semi's ) The dryer - all around the bins - I have a company come in and wash the combine and catch cart - clean up the Deere - You name it - takes a whole week to do - Got done around 5 pm on Friday - Then I came home and finally put this season in the books - + a 6 pack !!!!

Nov. Dec are 2 of my busiest months - I have tax work - order seed , chemicals - fert. I also have my commercial license for spraying crops and have a very small custom business - so I attend recurrent training classes - which are required to hold my license - Then I have a semi that's over the road - we mainly haul feed ingredients - Like Beet pulp pellets - chicken by-product meal , pork, meat by-product meal , plus some organic corn and wheat + all my corn and beans that go to a ethanol plant to the North . I have to put the loads together - I have spent a whole day before - talking , checking load board on the computer -to brokers from NY to SD seeing what they have and where it needs to go and drop times . Would like to add 2 or 3 more trucks , but it's VERY hard to find a driver that would work out for me .

I also do full field studies with Purdue - So we have a meeting or 2 to figure out what we might be looking at for the next season - this takes time to put together .

Well that's a start on what going on here - lol

Well better get down off the top of this pole ! wind is really picking up and the lighting is getting pretty close

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