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Had 3 girls, over the decades - between 9 to 10 weeks old.
- 1st needed out every 45 minutes
- 2nd needed out every 30 minutes
- 3rd needed out every 20 minutes

I also let pups sleep between mom & dad, in the master bed...never an accident.
- but I awake like an Owl at night, when pup awakes & stirs
- I will not let them walk on the top of the bed or do circles
- immediately we head outside

Outside I talk it up / "lets go pee-pee" or "lets go poo-poo"...over and over, in a kind voice.
- soon by watching them walk & hunt for a perfect spot, I can tell a #2 from a #1
- longer grass, is also a good place to teach potty

Love Luci stories of her smarts & willingness to please / reminds me of our former Amy.
- start naming each toy & tack the phrase "baby" on the end (eg. "get duck baby")
- Amy knew about 40 toys by name / so fun to watch & builds their mental strength...with a job to do
- also like how human items are diff. than dog toys / they can learn this quick...Luci sounds adorable
- we even had Kelly helping mom empty clothes dryer / she would carry undies or dad socks, to bedroom with mom...she learned to be gentle with stuffies and bait mom with her shoe, coming home from work

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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