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2 office ladies (dog lovers) at work asked me if I plan on cropping my pups ears & I said the breeder took care of that, at 7 weeks young / while the tail was docked at under 1 week nerve ending, at early age (bla-bla).
- one seemingly had a problem with ear surgery, she had a Golden Retriever boy
- 2nd lady had two boxers, & accepted the practice

I knew the first one had an adult son, and I asked if he was put under the circumcision knife, immediately following delivery...answer was Yes.
- I asked that was OK was it?...(free world stopped Circumcising Females, but not infant Boys...see the injustice)
- without his reply
- this Dad don't believe in a penis expert, born without one?
No she said / "well than, you don't have a clue whats best for the protection breed" !!
- proving she didn't know what was best for her baby son either / so my dog crop is my own personal business
- after all, M-C my son, IS NO A FEMALE DECISION, Dad decided against young penis mutilation
- friendly argument conceded

A decade ago, former Amy was waiting at the Vets and dog was snuggling up to a senior lady...with her cropped ears in "airplane mode".
- lady thanked me, for not cropping them...I laughed
- but they are cropped, and her ears are relaxed...and I went on to show her a close up of Amy ears
- hound dog ears will not funnel in sound / and ear infections would be more common...without a crop
- everyone in the office, had a good laugh

I get overwhelming positive comments, on a lovely crop adult Doberman.

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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