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Originally Posted by Cressrb View Post
Ok, my dog is not vicious, but she is keen and her prey drive is strong.
Today I could hear her at the front door raging. The door was open, the
glass storm door was locked.
I hurried to see what the commotion was and a new mailman was coming up the stairs with a pkg in a very halting and fearful manner. Jada was out of
control, so I got in front of her to intercede between postman and her.
Repriminded her, pushed her back with my leg - she was still hot to trot and
when I turned my back she bit my rear!!
I think it surprised her as much as it did me and she backed up, but she
still would have gone thru that door if she could.
Has anyone ever had that happen?
Good read ! Cressrb ! - I'm sorry here - but I think when you posted this - Your blood pressure was still a little high ! It was like we all walked in right after it happened = good read : )

I know - I'm new on here - But have to wonder if Big girl was just protecting HER house and HER best friend - The way you wrote - He was just not walking up to say hi - he was in a hurry - Nothing -- Nothing - get's our dogs jacked up than somebody running or walking very fast -

We have a pretty - full glass storm door - always like to have it open - When Kadin was a pup - He would just stand there and look out - I took pictures of him there every week - History you know - to see how much he had grown - Boy - that stopped as he got bigger ! I thought one time - when a sells man come to the door - I thought he was going threw it ! Just like you and your Girl - The door is shut - maybe for good - If somebody comes to it - I go out back door and come around to see what's going on - lol

Hope the South Side gets well quick !

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