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Yeah, it happens with dogs who are high prey drive or fight drive types according to the IPO/Ring etc group.

It's basically a "get outta' my way" message from the dog.

According to the folk I know who dabble in Ring (more than IPO) if you jack a dog up enough everything they are doing is so focused that they resort to misplaced actions--misplaced aggression may get a dog to chew and claw his way up the least to bite you. Just as a dog who has high fight drive may when raging at another dog bite you when she can't bite the other dog.

I think a lot of people in working sports would regard this as appropriate (or at least acceptable) behavior.

My very first dog was like that--hard as nails with a lot of drive--he nailed a German Shepherd breeder in the face when she tried to slap him when he was having a fit on a bench up in Canada and she thought she'd be able to shut him up. The fit he was having was at some teenagers who had worked a terrier up into a lather of his own and they were "showing their friends how tough their terrier was--how he wanted to fight the Doberman". His breeder/co-owner arrived in time to keep the dog from pulling the bench chain out of the bench--the GSD breeder said that she should have known better--turned out she did Schutzhund with her Shepherds and had to be careful about what she was doing with them when she wanted to "turn them off". (All this with blood running down her cheek--she also said that it was only a warning--he wasn't upset with her at all).

That was about 50 years ago--good thing too--today she'd have been suing the pants off of everyone who had anything to do with my dog. Back in the bad old days when you couldn't crate a dog on a bench--I really don't miss benched shows...
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