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Thank you everyone for the kind welcomes and advice. We will certainly think twice before bringing him with us again for the next couple months.
He is on track with his vaccines and enrolled for puppy classes next month. It is pretty hard exercising him without walks but luckily he has taken some affinity with his ball toys.
Definetly want to avoid parvo and really do appreciate the words of caution melbrod and puptalk, thanks!

Bite inhibition is another uphill battle, he does seem to respond to yelps and walking out of the room but hasnt quite learned not to bite in the first place when hes excited.
I guess we are still on phase 1 of letting him mouth and only responding to the harder bites, I dont want to rush him too much as hes still so young. I just hope we are doing it right! He does seem pretty interested in pleasing humans though which is encouraging.

Oh and he is finally not chasing the cats (instantly) horray! The main issue there is the kitten wants to play and chase, and the old man kittie just wants to be left alone, im sure its very confusing for a young puppy to understand.

Anyway heres some more pics, I think hes doubled in size for the week weve had him!

Pretty proud of my old man kitty being this comfortable with him after only a week.

This is what trying to poop at my house is like....

And heres a link to a video of him showing a VERY GOOD demonstration of leave it (so proud!)

Do you guys see the resemblance? :p

and with a similar hat!

Thanks! Will continue to post updates here periodically.

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