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I can't imagine cracking it! This is painful enough! I'm counting on that it's not cracked because I can inhale more and go aheh aheh when I have to cough today. 5 months! It gives me a whole new experience-based critism of movies that show the hero's quick recovery to cracked ribs! I have 4 now. Here's 3 others that I always pooh-pooh:

1.Being able to use a tool that takes brute strength when there is no oxygen in SYFY movies.

2. Being able to get right up after you've fallen flat on your back from a height, because it's difficult to reinflate your lungs, quickly.

3. Being blown backward from being shot, when you just drop to your knees and fall back on your legs.

Oh and one more , so I guess I have 5 now:

4. Girls being able to win a physical fight against a man because of her skill. Hah! The only way is the element of surprise and a weapon. Something big like a gun for keeping a distance or something disabling like a cast iron frying pan from behind! The movies hype is rediculous! Guys can take a girls best martial arts effort and pulverize her with one good punch!

5. Doing anything strenuous with broken or cracked ribs!

I still love the action films though!
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