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Or a ballistics dummy, which is kind of icky.

Yes, from "Forged in Fire"

SP, you lost. Tricked by the keel part.


It is a competition starting with four blacksmiths who have to forge a weapon (within six hours total; you get to “watch” parts of how they do it) from a lump of steel (weird things like rusty old lawn mower blades, ball bearings, bicycle chains, car parts, metal pieces of junk or steel cable, for example) to make a finished blade. Often the smiths are also required to use a specific method to make the weapons.

The weapons are tested and critiqued by three judges (of course with their entertaining, yet educational comments during the process--it's TV after all), but it’s interesting when they point out good and bad techniques and what the strengths and weaknesses of each blade are.

Each competition (four to two, and the finals) starts and finishes in one hour long show, so you don’t have to watch a long drawn out competition week after week to get to the finals.

Eventually there are only two smiths left for the finals--they compete with each other to make a particular weapon they are shown--actual historical weapons--some are really cool--like these:

Others are more traditional weapons like the claymore, the roman gladiator, a cutlass, or a sabre.

Doug Marcaida, a martial arts, edged weapon specialist, is one of the judges who test the weapons as they were designed to be used historically. He is the “it weel keeel” guy.

End of synopsis.

I thought you gun people might enjoy it.

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