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The people bashing kennels that produce more than 1 litter a year are utterly ignorant. They've never bred a dog in their life, nor had a dog from any of these kennels. They're just people who've read a BuzzFeed article and are now suddenly experts. Bottom line is, we want people breeding the best dobermans, and if anyone has ever bred and raised a litter of puppies, they know that they are not going to be doing it for long, especially if there is no money involved. It's not worth the time and effort! Compare it to someone who bakes the best cakes on earth. Are they bad if they bake more than one cake in a year? Are they bad if they make money on it? Seriously, that's the logic you are using. You can make a bunch of amazing cakes, all of the highest quality AND make money at it. I pay for a cake, I love the cake, you make money so you can make more cakes for us to buy. It's a win win win. Now, when someone has 1 world class male and female and breeds them once that year, thats "responsible". But when you have numerous world class males and females and breed all of them once a year, thats suddenly bad? Even if they too are "responsible" about it? Quit being hipsters. Just because someone breeds "small batch" doesn't make them better. That's ignorant. And because someone breeds at the same or better quality, but at a larger scale, doesn't make them bad. As long as they're making money there will be high quality dobermans out in the world. It's a win win for everybody. Quit being socialists.
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