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Originally Posted by StrykersPerson View Post
It's ruined after the first viewing, though. The mystery has all evaporated, after that.
I watched it twice.

I found it interesting to go back over all of the scenes where I had assumed that the psychologist was talking/interacting with other folks. Two views of the same events--he thought his wife was having an affair vs the reality was that he was dead, and she was going on with her life; reinterpreting the scenes where the kid seemed disturbed or schizophrenic now knowing that he was seeing a reality that others couldn’t see; other more subtle hints where my knowledge of the twist at the end helped me appreciate the cleverness of the screen play and directing.

The change in perspective made it fun for me to watch again to fit all the pieces together.

But then I re-read books too, to catch what I missed the first time.

Incidentally, in the smiley above, does it look like he is reading the book backwards to you--from the end to the beginning?

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