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For the GEAR-HEADS here, and we know where someone works (SP - used car salesman).

LOL - some price their over-heated RAV4's, like Gold.
4 a FUN thread discussion:

So what's it worth, once a costly & major repair is necessary ?
Owner never sent me pictures or his phone #, so I guess he didn't like my value proposition.

So how would others, evaluate their used vehicle pr purchase ??
- if broken down & very costly to fix


From original owner:

Here are the 2005 Toyota RAV4 details (Gen2) and I'll get you some pictures when I can.
- 4x4 AWL
- 188,000 Kms = miles
- forest green
- well maintained (well... except for the below)
- sadly, the engine went and 2/4 cylinders (I think #2 and #3) are leaking coolant out of them. I've been told that this can be fixed by a skilled mechanic who can work to fix the head gasket and machine it but to pay to have it done would be $2100-2700. An engine could be found at an auto wreckers and replaced but that cost would be similar if that particular engine could be found and put in
- better than average rust protection but I bought that package with the box that beeps back in 2008. Not sure if that warranty is transferable but it looks good
- I think the cost of the vehicle in good working condition would be $6,800-$7,200 Cdn. but I'd be happy if I could half that considering.

Let me know if you need pictures.
Thanks so much for the inquiry


My reply:

I have a mint 2000 4Runner and the radiator cools both the engine & the transmission...I am aware of some Toyota quirks.

FYI - when the coolant leaks into the engine, it tends to deplete the engine oil and starves the crank shaft bearings of lubrication
- this is called the "milkshake problem" when coolant mixes with the transmission to go is the transmission, its oil gets contaminated
- plus a head gasket if not detected early enough, the engine can overheat...and wreck the pistons & head

While a head gasket fix sounds easy enough, if one throws enough $$ at a skilled mechanic...their are more unknowns, than meets the trained eye here, possibly ending in a money pit. One could throw $2,700 into repairs to start, only to pinpoint the next expensive problem. Your broken RAV4 as it sits, is not worth anywhere near 1/2 of retail value, sorry to say.
- I don't want to mislead you

If you want to text me a few photos, please do. I may be only interested if cheap enough, & not a Kijiji time waster.
And if your looking for another ride, let me know your model preference and budget. I can keep an eye open, with my contacts.

Cheers, Larry

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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