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Originally Posted by StrykersPerson View Post
............A co-worker has a 3 year old little Craftsman rider that she just wants out of her garage. I can probably talk her into $300 for it. I am considering it. It was torture being without my JD. If I bought it, then The Mister and I could both mow and get the job done faster. It's all pasture here.

Beau? Your opinion on a Craftsman?
Craftsman LT's likely start around the $1,900 $300 for a 3 year old lawn tractor (LT) seems ?????????
- our country property came with a $2,500 JD L110 Big Box Store quality...what a true POS
The very entry level ones, have weak rear axles that run the hydraulics...they won't like big weeds or hills.

SP - get me the year & model #, I review it in further detail.
My entry level JD was stolen and Insurance cut me a nice check, and I bought the 1998 GT262 that is heavy duty, all the way.
- my light L110 would plug on 4" of thick grass
- the thin gauge deck, was bending all the time
My GT262 will cut weeds down, 4 ft. high - so grass chores are easy and the ride quality is excellent.
- plus it very seldom needs a part...and next year it will be 20 years old

New example: Buy 17.5 HP 42" Auto Drive Lawn Tractor Online & Reviews

CANADA DAY tomorrow - were 150 years old, on July 1st, 2017.

Son & little Trevor & Molly over for BBQ tonight...always fun when he visits.

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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