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Originally Posted by 4x4bike ped View Post
I am pretty big on 0% financing. Maybe 1.9, if I'm am feeling generous. I have no debt to income. I pay cash or at the very least pay my credit cards off every month.I have never paid interest on a credit card in my entire life. Car salesmen love me! 20 years ago I walked into a dealer on a Sunday. I was wearing cutoffs, sandals and no shirt. Hair down to my shoulders. I pointed to a truck and said "I'll take that one". Dude looked at me like I was out of my mind. I said "Whatever, run my credit". I left with the truck. That was my '99 Chevy that I still own.

Never judge a book by its cover! That's my motto....

With the except of my home mortgage (minimal) and my rentals (less than minimal), I owe nobody nothin'. LOL

Bill G. (STJ!)

Edit to say: I raised my son the same way. If you can't pay for it.... Don't buy it. Sometimes credit comes in handy. But thats all it should be. Not a tool to leverage you into debts that you can't afford.

Bill STJ! BJ
Preaching to the choir!

That is what the banks want.

Some customers take the deal and turn around and pay it off.

Then, they come back to me and buy another car. Doesn't matter to me if they finance with one of our lenders or not. I sold a car. That is my job. I am a low pressure salesperson.

So, I still can't sell anyone of you a car?
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