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I guess having spiders is a little better than chicken poop all over the place. Marginally.

Though Walmart (seriously) does sell chicken nappies (someone on Urban Dictionary calls them “Tinkle Poopers”).

"Chicken Diapers are a Huge Hit With Chicken Owners!

With a Chicken (or Duck) Diaper, your chicken or duck can now be a house pet and mingle with the family! Chicken Diapers are extremely easy to put on chickens and easy to wash too. Chickens made great pets but their gentle nature combined with chicken diapers allows for them to become a member of the family and hang out on the couch and watch a movie with the rest of you! A variety of colors and styles - please let us choose. To choose a size, simply measure from the base of the neck, across the back and to the vent to come up with the size you'll need.
Chicken diapers allow you to bring your chickens indoors for a while."

And we were thinking youse guys were crazy.

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