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Originally Posted by apollothedog View Post
I really wish you'd watch at least 5 minutes of the talk. It was a plan made by conservative republicans that share all the views that entails. They aren't forcefully taking anything from citizens. They're paying them for damages incurred. The only people who have to pay are the companies who choose to continue emitting pollution instead of progressing. And while the oil industry has the right under capitalism to make billions every year, most people aren't shedding any tears if they have to update or replace equipment to keep doing it. And if they can't dump unlimited pollution into the air for free anymore, that's something we all benefit from.

I'm sorry for your loss of Chris Cornell.
I read over some of this stuff, and did not see much in the way of real conservative thought. A carbon tax is still a tax; it still pushes the climate change agenda. The government is still involved in a complicated plan; something that always ends up costing much more than initially promised.

The biggest, real polluters are India and China. They will not be doing any of this stuff. As always Americans will be paying for something with little to no effect on anything.
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