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Melbrod makes a good point, and it's perfectly demonstrated by grayghost, as is my point. Finger pointing doesn't solve anything, and we are capable of more.

As for climate change, who cares if it's real? Pollution is real and solar is much cleaner than hydrocarbons. And in case you didn't watch any of that talk, you as a citizen get paid by forcing companies to switch. I'd think a free pay check in the mail transcends parties, especially if getting it creates jobs and stops pollution.

On top of that, why wouldn't you want solar power (besides some crazy anti solar regulation in places like florida). All the energy I need and no electric bill? Hardly ever stopping at a gas/charge station and when I do it's cheaper?

The real goal is progress, "climate change" is just motivation. Also if you really study it, changing wind patterns due to huge pollution clouds in China and India are diverting air that used to hit the artic to other areas, causing our extra bad winters and warmer polar regions. And the sun has been putting off more energy since the 70s, and all planets have warmed some. But none of that means that all the billions of tons of CO2 are ok. Ocean acidification is still happening, the waters are still rising. And those are problems we have to deal with.

Let me reiterate, we should be asking how can we progress, instead of trying to get eachother into trouble with an imaginary teacher over whose behaving badly. That's the purpose of our government, and our job as citizens.
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