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It doesn’t sound like your breakdown of Team A and Team Z really has anything to do with political parties or belief systems; it sounds more like differentiating legitimate protests which stay peaceful, from protests/riots from people who are willing to break the law and engage in violence, for whatever reason.

Where it gets messy is when there are some folks from Team Z mixed into Team A....and Team A does very little to disavow them or even tacitly encourages them. When violent folks show up at a protest, the proper response should be for both “sides” to recognize that truly destructive behavior doesn’t belong at any protest and unite to get rid of that element.

But free, even offensive speech, is not automatically violent. And if anything, prohibiting that open expression of dissatisfaction will lead to violence when people feel unheard, left behind and angry.

Preventing people from speaking even when their viewpoint differs from that of your own exacerbates distrust and leads to the separation of a society into different factions. Prohibiting members of one group from expressing opinions, keeping them from speaking, and making the “authorities” cancel events for fear of violence is destructive to a society.

That is the trend which I am seeing...shutting down speech by violence is repressive, and forcing change via destruction and fear, is brownshirt behavior. Anarchy is used to bludgeon a group into silence--destruction of people, property and a coherent society is the result.

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