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"I think you are also assuming that violence in protest is only a leftist issue. I've been to many marches over the last couple months and the main thing they tell you is NO VIOLENCE. If violence starts, you are encouraged to quickly separate from it and continue to protest while not being lumped together with the idiots that do start things.

That being said, I also think the left protests tend to be a bit more aggressive for a couple reasons: First off, they're bigger and more of a crowd means more idiots. They're younger which comes with physical strength, stamina, and immaturity"

I can only think of a Right issue that brought together people of like minded to the streets was the TEA party movement . I do not recall any blood being drawn or the destruction of private property or State controlled property.

The protesters that i see currently so far are only protesting others freedom of speech and the right to peacefully gather. I also do not hear any political leaders speaking out forcefully about the hypocrisy of the reason for the protest and the illegality of the protesters actions. To only separate from a part of your group who behaves in such a manner and not trying to stop them is just as guilty as those that throw punches , rocks and strike with poles and chains and spit a throw other bodily fluids on those they are against.
When i see the ones gravitate towards this violence i see people that are possessed by hate being coddled by the left and tools of the democratic party.
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