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Originally Posted by apollothedog View Post
Be sure to give the rest of that bottle back to a pharmaceutical collection drive (my city does it at the main city complex with the library / sheriffs office / town hall). It's when you're not in physical pain and take it that addiction starts.

As someone that also broke a femur pretty bad, gets lots of vitamin d / k2 / calcium and magnesium. Otherwise it takes forever to heal and the callous is all bumpy instead of smooth.

Glad the CBD is helping!
I flushed it all down the toilet<G> He had enough opiate stuff, as I'm sure you know! When the pain was extreme, I'm all for it, but he wanted to wean off ASAP, and I was completely with him on that one!He's on a ton of supplements, though I admit I'm a bit leery of K at the moment as he's on bloodthinners for another 2 weeks yet. He's still not weight bearing on that leg,(at least until xrays show how he's healing) and so until he can start putting weight on it, they're concerned about the potential for clots. I WILL do some research on it though before completely dismissing the idea! Thank you! I sure hope your leg healed well! The femur is a nasty bone to break!
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