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What a shame, the dog was very talented, a shame to lose him so young.
If it was from DCM, an even bigger shame to lose him to a disease that can strike unexpectedly, and can strike any dog at any time really. It really would have been nice to get an accurate COD though, it may have been due to something else entirely, but we'll never know what goes through people's minds when things like this happen.
He may have had Holter results on the dog, unfortunately those results don't give us any guarantee that 3 months later our dog might not drop from a fatal arryhtmia. I've heard of a number of dogs who were Holter'd clear, and six months later were dead from DCM, verified by necropsy. I guess the bottom line is, we don't know enough, the disease is a nasty creepy stalker of a disease, and it can strike any dog at any point in life, no matter how diligently the owner tests. I can't speak to this owner or this dog, but sadly the fact is he may have been all up to date, and still been lost way too young. I am so sorry for all the puppy owners, their stress has just begun in earnest at this point. The ghost of DCM will haunt them every day of their dogs lives, even more so than it haunts the rest of us

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