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Unless your pup has had bloat or comes from parents who r prone to it, find a new vet who cares more for the life time discomfort caused by stapling your pup's stomach to her ribs than the money that can be made off of it.
My vet STRONGLY DISCOURAGES this surgery unless there is a real hereditary disposition. Doc says nowadays both his ER and specialty clinic and his regular practice (employing 4 other full time vets) rarely see bloat anymore. Most owners now know enough to soak dry dog food in hot water while it expands in a bowl. Rather than in a dog's stomach. And to use raised dog bowls for large breeds. Refer to Doberman Pinscher Rescue and Referral of Michigan for practical bloat prevention measures. We've come a long way from throwing dry food in a bowl and putting it down on the ground.
I would never do something to my dogs that I would not do to myself. I would never have my stomach stapled to my ribs unless it was absolutely necessary. Would u ?
My vet is Dr. Monica, Oakland Animal Hospital. Best vet in the world ! Good luck with your little girl.

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