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Myjack, do you by any chance use Banfield? Nine years ago I used them for my pit, same thing monthly fee for a year with shots spay and discounted vet visit costs. Mine was considerably less however, about $20 per month as opposed to $75. It was a good deal and worked for me at the time however when it came time for her spay the stitches were loosely done and she bled continuously soaking bandages. I had to rush her to the vet ER, crying, and I won't even get into my experience with the vet at the ER they were horrible and I spent every last cent I had for them to wrap her up tight and say good luck. Thankfully it did coagulate and she has been my best friend all these years since. I suppose my point is beware of the vets that work at a place like that, perfect for routine stuff but not as reliable when it comes to more involved procedures. Even if I was an advocate of cosmetic surgeries, it takes a skilled vet to properly crop and this is the last place I'd have it done. If you are worried about your other dog chewing on his ears now, imagine if they were all bloodied and sore wrapped up. If you can't prevent your dogs ears from being chewed on to the point of requiring stitches, also be aware a crop is much more pricey.
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