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So I use hemp CBD (key part) for myself, my Doberman was just diagnosed with bone cancer and though there's no broken bones he's in a lot of pain. The pain meds he's on (gabapentin) isn't doing enough, he wasn't sleeping, he was obviously really uncomfortable all the time, he was crying...

I went to the company I order from (Highland Pharms) and ordered him a bottle of oil. Background: after MUCH research for myself I found Highland Pharms to have the most information, highest concentration of CBD, reliable reviews and medical testing to back up all of their claims about their product.

Long story short, I started him on CBD oil along with his other maintenance meds and he's sleeping, not crying and even being his normal Velcro (annoying) self again.

CBD hemp oil is legal in all 50 states because it has NO THC. You can order online, ask questions through their online form and get answers within 24 hours or sooner, and trust the product as you can see the ingredients and percentages of said ingredients in their posted (reputable) tests.

If your dog doesn't have a terminal illness the dosage would be less and they even link to an article about how to figure out the correct dosage. It's trial and error but only takes a few days.

I swear by it for myself...and now for my dogs. The stuff WORKS and has virtually no side effects (assuming you buy from a reputable company and know what's in it and the potency). It's not cheap (like the crap on Amazon etc.) but at least you KNOW what you're giving your dog. I paid $150 (free shipping) for a 25ml bottle of 1,250mg of cannibidiol. Ps. buy the human stuff, not the pet one as it's way more cost effective by weight and potency. The one I got is called MAX Plus Hemp Drops and it says the dosage is 10 drops a day, with the bottle containing 50 dosages at that rate. 10 drops is not always necessary and even if it is (in my case with a 95lb terminal dobie) that's almost 2 months worth so fairly cost effective.

Do your research of course but hemp oils, creams etc. have been proven (including an article by the Mayo Clinic as well as the CDC which I read both) to treat pain, anxiety and even shrink tumors on occasion in both humans and dogs and have very little side effects besides mild sedation. It's safer (when ordered from the right company) than pharmaceuticals. Period. Don't let the fact that it's taboo deter you.

Make up your own mind.

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