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Originally Posted by apollothedog View Post
To Sam and Meadowcat

That product contains 0% THC, so essentially it's olive oil or hemp oil. It's had all the active ingredient removed. I wouldn't buy it. There are dozens of related compounds in the plant, but generally cannabis oil (I live in a state where it's legal) is amber-red, chemically pure, and totally different from anything in the news / media / scientific research so far. I don't use or go to anywhere that sells it but I do follow the research on it, and a lot of high end places are starting to use HPLC / NMR (scientific chemical analysis like would be used in any pharmaceutical lab) to identify what % of what chemicals are present. The dosing is an issue, since there's been no tests done by age / weight / breed / nationality / tolerance etc. But starting small and building is a safe strategy.

As for the other medications, they are definitely dosed accurately and regulated, and not particularly toxic. However (Ben Goldacre: What doctors don't know about the drugs they prescribe | TED Talk | #2 is a fun speaker but you can skip to 7:45 for the real discussion and some in depth discussion specifically of psychopharmaceuticals Ben Goldacre: Battling bad science | TED Talk | there's been several Ted talks about how pharmaceutical companies test the effectiveness of their drugs, and essentially they often run 10-30 trials which is a good practice, but only apply for publication on the best ones, either because people dropped out or the data wasn't significant, with the end result being that they publish a lot of outlier studies that can't be replicated, and when labs not financially invested in the medications do fail to replicate the studies, it's nearly impossible to publish a failed study (regardless of why it failed). Ultimately this results in unreliable data on the medication, and why people who take them often have to just go down the list until they find one that works. And I'm not skeptical of most medications, just the neurochemical ones because I've seen so many not work, then one works like magic for a few months, then the dopamine/norepinephrine/serotonin boost gets downregulated and the person is worse off than before.

That blog post is very reasonable and I do agree that the medications have value and treatment is better than no treatment. Another medicine that comes to mind is gabapentin or pregabalin. It's good for seizures and anxiety, which in turn would help with the other issues. Composure is most likely a very weak opioid, and Adaptil sounds like if it works it'd be a good solution.
Thank you VERY much for clarifying, and I do not disagree with what you say about pharmaceuticals. Certainly, they have their downsides. I have also seen them be the only good option for both humans and canines who could not have quality of life without them. I really appreciate you clarifying your statement - it makes much more sense with the the additional information.

I have personally used Adaptil and seen not much of a difference (your mileage may vary). I have also used Composure (some improvement) - Sam, if you want something of that nature, I think you'll see a much more significant difference with Solliquin, which has significantly higher levels of l-Theanine. It's also a lot more expensive, and you can only get it through your vet. I don't know if you have pet insurance, but I was able to get it covered as a "prescription." Note, that when I did get it prescribed, they actually recommended double the dose listed on the bottle as a recent study has suggested that is the most effective dosing level.

Good luck.

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