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Originally Posted by apollothedog View Post
Cannabis oil works on the GABA receptor, which is the same as alcohol, xanax, and some other less well known drugs. It's definitely effective for everything you listed (so would any of the others to a lesser degree) the big difference is that the straight oil is consistent in it's composition as compared to the plant, it's an anti inflammatory substance instead of a toxic one, and it also binds to CB receptors in the brain which adds to the anxiety and seizure reducing effects.

Will it help with anxiety in dogs? Some dogs freak out if they lose muscle tension / are unable to balance which is very distressing, however if the already anxious episodes are several hours long, most likely the dog will relax and just go to sleep or lay in their crate after they get used to it or give up.

Side effect warning: never seen oil tested but with regular cannabis some dogs that are totally normal bite people. It does alter their mental state / they can "bad trip" just like humans.

Start with a tiny dose and work up to the smallest dose that works. And it is probably safer / better for the dog than leaving it untreated or using dog paxil or something along those lines.
Very helpful! Thank you, from that description, it doesn't sound like it would really be helpful in the way I'm looking for, just another masking/depressing agent versus actually helping her feel truly relaxed.

This is the product I'm looking at specifically, would you say with how it's produced the effects would be the same or different? From what they say (lower portion of the page, right side), the way it's produced should, in essence, erase the "bad trip" possibility.

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