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Dar, but would you recommend the Mimulus as a daily use product?

Our issue is that much of her reactivity seems to be triggered by her easily anxious skeptical nature (for instance using the thermometer ONCE, she will be a wreck for 3 hours and more likely to react later that day, all from one tiny beep).

We don't use any over the counter medications anymore as when we'd run out or miss a dose she was usually more prone to be agitated or more reactive than an average day before medication, like it didn't solve, or help the problem but just masked and sedated it IMO. We had the same thing with Melatonin (no surprise as that and the diazepam we had for special circumstances are just going to literally sedate and that's it)

Anyways, we have her well managed, but I'm always on the lookout for something that will help her feel better versus just managing her as she is.

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