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At first raw was a little daunting and overwhelming for me. I hadn't done my homework and stopped after a month. I took a month to really figure it out and I've never looked back. We are coming up to 7 years in April.

It takes me no more time to feed Coco raw than it did kibble now that I've got the hang of it. I love knowing exactly what she's eating. She did horribly on all kinds of kibble but had no trouble at all going to raw. I just started feeding her raw one day. No transition necessary.

I have extra freezer space which is good to have to stock on deals. I only feed human grade raw so it's really just raw meat that I would serve to my family although we don't eat as varied of proteins as she does! Coco can eat anything such as goat, beef, chicken, turkey, Beaver, emu, oxtail, bison and pheasant. She does not like pork or fish raw but sometimes I lightly sautee them for her because she also enjoys when I cook for her. She's got me well trained! She also eats lots of raw bones, various organs, hearts and chicken feet regularly.

Read up and decide if it's something you want to pursue. If you start and decide it's not for you, go back to kibble. Good luck.

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