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Originally Posted by jeitzen View Post
Hello! For feeding raw you'll want to invest in a freezer (to freeze all the meat you'll be acquiring) and you'll need to find a local butcher or vendor of some sort that can help you get different types of meat, organs, etc. It can be a tricky process. I myself was interested in RAW feeding our Dobe but you have to be committed to providing a lot of variety to get them a well-balanced, nutritional diet and preferably don't travel much.

Since we like to travel, it's just too much of a hassle to feed him RAW, as well as the time factor. You have to be dedicated to spend some time every week preparing, freezing meals and providing all the necessary nutrients they need. To me and many others on the forum, it is easy to obsess over this and many find it just easier to feed a high quality grade kibble. We feed Zuko Taste of the Wild and he does just fine, though I'lll feed him the occasional raw egg, chicken, etc.

While feeding RAW is great for dogs and has many health benefits, you want to be realistic with yourself and your dog. And the beauty of feeding RAW is, there is no one way to do it. But you generally spend quite a bit of time preparing and finding good quality meats. Are you willing to spend the next 12 years looking for different meats and veggies, freezing the meat, thawing them on a daily basis, and then providing additional supplements like vitamins (fish oil tabs, etc.) every day? Do you travel, or are you more home-bound? Do you have children, do you work full-time, etc? Things like this could severely impact your ability to feed RAW, as it will take time away from other things. What happens when you go on vacation? Are you willing to freeze and have someone feed your dog RAW when you are gone?

This forum has lots of helpful threads about RAW feeding, you can learn so much by searching the threads.
Im sorry but if you don't feed raw, why are you spouting such things? While an extra freezer helps it is Not quintessential. with a well rounded diet one doesn't have to offer a multitude of supplements. I feed raw, I have children, I compete and travel and yet the approximate 4 hours (or less) I spend prepping meats or treats impacts my life not one whit. It is something I do gladly to ensure I am feeding the absolute best diet to my dogs I can.

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