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Originally Posted by Stpeter View Post
Hello everyone I want to know what you do and recommend for raw food diets? I want to start feeding my four month male puppy raw food; how much do I give him now and when he's older to be in shape? What types of meat and vegetables and other things you add for nutritions? How do I switch him over from dog food to raw? I have began reading a few books but wanted to know what people are doing and what works for them or has not.
Thank you for your time and help all is needed. 🙏🏽
You're reading and that is great. Understanding the 'whys' with raw is very important. Many people depend on companies and staff to educate them and I truly believe it is a necessity to understand raw. What is considered meat what is offal.
Always go by weight and body condition. We recommend starting with 2-3% of adult weight but you have to watch body condition. If puppy gets chubby you need to decrease your percentages and if puppy is losing weight you need to increase.
There is no one percentage that works for every dog. I have one dog at 1.5%, one at 2% and one at 4.5% to maintain a healthy body weight. With the exception of my 17 year old dog I am almost constantly adjusting weights to maintain a body condition I am content with on my dogs.

At his age you may very well be able to get away with switching cold turkey to raw. With puppies I don't often recommend a fast before switching.
Utilizing premade during the switch is for most a good idea as bone percentages are already calculated. This is a good thing as there is no guess work with bone/muscle meat ratios.

Read up, look for local raw feeding co-ops or Fb groups. You may be able to find a mentor to help you through the hump of the first few weeks

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