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I used to not buy into the dominance/alpha theory either - but first you have to break them down - For me Alpha simply means the one who gives the orders and someone certainly has to be in charge especially with a dominant breed. I do not believe in putting a dog on his back which is a big deal with those who see the dominance/alpha theory like in the wild. Dominance for me means training by trying to dominate the dog and intimidate and that is not what training should be about. So I think we think much closer to the same just so many misconceptions out there and different meaning for some of the terminology. So we are probably much closer in our thinking than what can be easily expressed especially when it is like typing a book. I will stand by the leader does not retreat. The people who suddenly get into trouble at about 18 months bought in to the Dr. Spock like approach. Yes it can and will work for some dogs but if you have problems at 18 months when the dog begins to come into his own it is usually caused by the those who did not stop unwanted behavior by making it very clear to the dog what was off bounds. I believe in addressing it straight on and solve it. No biting for me that must be obeyed - no biting humans except in training programs such as Schutzhund, mondio ring, French ring, PSA etc, Not allowing puppies to bite me has never caused a problem in Schutzhund training.

OMG I have not heard the growling thing in years - That would really seem strange to a dog and would be hard t keep a straight face. That is why I said no talking - Just a simple NO biting and then follow through until the dog calms down. Hope that made it clearer.

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