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Originally Posted by Dobs4ever View Post
First dogs are not deaf so yelling is a poor choice of control. By this time you should have a handle on the biting. Have your tried redirection? I have trained many Doberman puppies and while they are bitey I find that if you don't offer body parts to them then they learn to choose other things. So I would keep a stuffed toy or tuggy close by and when they come in to bite present the tuggy toy. If he actually gets close enough to bite then take his collar and calmly make him sit and hold his collar til he settles down. Of course, if he now runs from you because you yell then you have another challenge. Dogs should always feel the safest place is next to you. So start with him on leash and take hold of his collar and reward him. Tug lightly on the collar and reward him. Teach him reaching for him brings a treat. Yelling is escalation to them not calming them down and also teaches the to fear you. A true leader does not have to yell.

It is not to late to socialize. DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU ARE comfortable with it.....You must be confident and not give off negative vibes......I already know many will freak at this advise. I have held group dog events and I always tell folks just come in and take the leashes off and step away. Unless a dog is dog aggressive they will not start a fight but be too busy trying to figure out what to do and then suddenly the run is on and off they go. It is a beautiful site to see.

I would recommend meeting and going for a long walk together first then come back to the fenced yard and just turn them both loose and walk away as you just drop the two leashes in case you need to stop them from playing too rough. You did not say if the Rottie had been socialized or not. A leash often creates more problems than you would believe when trying to introduce two dogs. Holding dogs back that want to meet creates more excitement and frustration as they try to get to each other. The Rottie may be trying to be protective of his owner so by turning them loose they have nothing to protect. ( flame suit on)

I personally do not socialize my dogs with other dogs because I do not want them bonding with other dogs. I want to be their end all end all. I do take them to training and they see and are around other dogs but they are learning to work so they pay no attention to other dogs. I am good with it as long as they do not show any signs of attention to another dog. If you do obedience and go for a long down I don't want my dog to think AHHHH its play time so they break the down.

This is all great advice thank you so much. I think part of the problem is that my wife and I correct differently. I have to admit that I have sometimes let him mouth me because I've heard so much about bite inhibition. Using words like 'easy' while correcting so he'll ease up on the strength of his bites. Should we just not let him bite at all? I've read horrible stories about dobes not ever allowed to bite and having not ever learned their bite inhibition. There's so many different opinions it's hard to decipher what is right and what is wrong.

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