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I just have to laugh - communism? Who is practically in bed with Putin?? Women's March? Were you there? We came from all over the country for so many reasons. No one is "pro abortion" what 7 out of 10 people are is pro choice. As far as "Pro life" is concerned, the real name should be "pro birth"..... because supporting the life after it is born is not quite so important to many in that group - nor is preventing the pregnancy in the first place.
I personally find abortion to be morally wrong, but I've never been faced with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. I'd like to think that the option would be there and I don't think it is any of my business what someone else decides during the first trimester. The 2nd trimester should only be for medical issues. I had a later in life pregnancy and had an amniocentesis at 20 weeks - it was 22 weeks by the time I could sit down with the Dr for the results. In my case, it all worked out ok in the end but the rest of my pregnancy was terrifying. When results are terrible, then it is a late term abortion when it was a very wanted pregnancy. Those kinds of decisions are horrible and no body's business. People don't just get abortions after 12 weeks for nothing -
I don't expect to change anyones mind - but I think this thread got taken over by the extreme right wing, and I think it needed a little balancing. I only read one page of it, and have no plans to go back and read more. Why this breed seems to attract a large % of very right wing people has always amazed me. I mostly just ignore it as everyone has a right to their own opinion. What I will say is that people on both sides need to stop reading super slanted alternative news sources and move towards the middle in order to get a more unbiased report of what is going on. If we are going to come together as a nation again, we need to be willing to meet in the middle.

Mary Jo Ansel

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