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I don't condone violence and it has been on both sides. I could give you plenty of examples, but it really is not worth the time. I believe in peaceful resistance and that is what I do. There were over 500,000 people at the rally in DC alone - not one issue according to the DC police. The only calls were medical. I don't condone any negative attention given to Trumps young son - but will tell you that there were plenty of negative things said about Obama's young daughters when he took office: hurtful racist things said about his entire family..... they went on for all 8 years. There will unfortunately be people who take it too far in any political group, but the vast majority of people never condone that on either side of an issue.
Only time will tell how Trump will fare. I hope he finds his conscience soon, and I hope he does not tweet us into a war. I'm not encouraged by what he has done so far. Instead of surrounding himself with competent people, he has let money talk and is surrounding himself with others who have no real experience or worse people who are totally against the very thing they are being given power over. I'm a teacher and have worked in the public schools for more than a dozen years. I went to public schools and Universities, so do my children. DeVos has no experience in the public schools, does not have a degree in education and in fact is against public schools - she has no business becoming secretary of Education - heck I have WAY more qualifications than she does..... but oh wait, I lack the billions of dollars she has with which she has bribed her way into being nominated. In my own state, she has donated over $60,000 to Senator Toomeys election campaign - he has been inundated with constituents begging him not to cast his vote for her confirmation..... I'm 99.99% sure he won't listen to the people in my state. For every 1 call/email for DeVos in Pennsylvania, there are at least 10 calls against her...... that is from the mouth of one of the people answering his phones and taking names.
Ugh, it just makes me sick. Sure, some people will benefit from Trump, I happen to be one of them as my family falls into the top few % as far as income goes. It's not worth it when the bottom 90+ % are going to suffer IMHO. Manufacturing jobs are not coming back unless people are willing to pay a lot more for their products in order to buy American. It's sad how deluded Trump supporters are. JMHO

Mary Jo Ansel

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