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I've tried to see both sides of this but just can't. Ever since I joined this board it has based itself on responsible breeding and ownership.

And it baffles me that this normally holier than thou member is now dumping a dog and actually has support for it? You guys should be ashamed. If this was a new member you guys would be bashing them for not being responsible, never should have purchased the dog, selfish, blah,blah.

It's great that the dog will have a new home but what if you didn't have this friend? Would she have found herself at a shelter? Maybe Craigslist?

You made a commitment and now your being selfish. Sugarcoat it anyway you'd like. The responsible thing to do would be to stay with Gretchen and put your aspiring breeding practices on hold until you fulfilled your duty to her for her entire life.

And how many times have people been lectured about the cost of these dogs on here to prospective owners? You mentioned the cost and not being as fortunate. Any other poster on here would be burned and told maybe the breeds not for them if the money is an issue. So I'll tell you maybe all of this isn't for you until you are stable enough to own both a show/breeding dog and just your average dog that you are throwing away.

No doubt in my mind that you love your girl and are a great owner but this is a selfish decision based on you, not her. The question I keep coming back to is where would this dog have went if you didn't know that family? This goes against everything DT stand for.
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