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Originally Posted by Jazi View Post
As someone who trains dogs for a living, I'd say that I don't think I've yet seen a home be happy with a dog once they've made up their minds to rehome. I will also say that I see no problem with responsible rehoming once that person's mind is made up- it is better for the dog to go than for it to stay and have both parties be unhappy with each other.

However, I have spent twice that amount of time in the breed with the same number of dogs and still would not consider myself knowledgeable enough to be rehoming dogs based on breeding decisions or to have the attitude that- because I failed to find a good person to breed with after under a year of truly looking with my dog not even quite old enough to consider for breeding, I must give up on the idea and rehome. There are plenty of people out there who will breed to a dog from a BYB if it is nice enough and proven. I've started a thread on that very same subject, if you will recall. But the big thing is that the dog must be proven. So Gretchen has not yet finished her CH and you can say all you want about points, but until she finishes she is not proven. Does she have her BH? Her WAC? High titles in OB or agility? She's not yet 2 if I'm counting correctly, so she can't be fully health tested either. Even if she is, she is young yet- many breeders with bitches they're unsure on health with will wait until the bitch is 3, 4, even 5 and still passing health tests before seriously considering a breeding. As a result I don't really blame anyone for choosing not to breed to her as she is now. The impression that's left is that you were dissatisfied over not having any interest in your poorly bred unproven bitch and want to start over.

Considering that people in this breed have a hard enough time finding good matches with proven dogs, especially as new faces in the breed, and have a harder time selling puppies- I can't really say I'm shocked you walked out of Nationals with no stud.

(Also, on the flip side, you badmouth euro dogs every chance you get even though your own puppy is part euro, and yet I know a good handful of these eeevvviiilll euro breeders who would likely consider letting you use their studs... if she is able to prove that she can work!)

I too own a dog that lives to work and who will be absolutely miserable if not allowed to do what he loves. There will come a time when I must retire him and he must stay home. It will hurt the both of us to do so- however I could never give him away to anyone when that point hits because it will hurt the both of us more to be separated. We will find a way to make it work. That was our mindset going into this, and that will be our mindset until the day when he will leave me for the rainbow bridge (hopefully not for another 10+ years).

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